Fish & Wildlife Phone #s: 250-503-7151 or 250-545-8881 or 250-260-3038

Fire Safety 2012 Booklet (Click Here)

Phoenix Estate’s Emergency Evacuation Plan updated July 2021

 Evacuation Alert

In case of an emergency alert, prepare to leave your home and the area. Be ready with:

  • A grab-and-go bag
  • Provisions made for pets
  • Tune into local radio stations for updates (FM 105.7 and FM 107.5)
  • Keep cell phones and tablets charged and ready
  • Be ready to leave at a moments notice

Personal Preparedness

  • Fire smart your home in advance by eliminating combustible material around your house and property.
  • Keep trees and shrubs pruned. Remove dead trees and keep eaves and soffits clear of debris. Do not landscape with bark mulch. It is highly flammable and easily airborne.
  • Assemble a grab-and-go bag that includes: medications, home insurance policy, passports, and other key documents. Include clothing and necessities for a two night evacuation. Include pet provisions.
  • Have a cell phone number for an out -of-area home contact for your family in case phone lines are down. Arrange for a meeting place away from the area in case your family becomes separated.(Someone is at work or school).

Evacuation Order

This will be an Order to leave your home and area either by land or by water.

  • Ensure all your doors and windows are closed.
  • Turn off your water to allow maximum water levels in reservoir.Do not turn off your home’s gas supply.
  • Tie the flagging tape provided to your front door signaling your household has evacuated.

Road Evacuation

  • Proceed to the park and await instructions from the Fire Department or the Street Warden.

Water Evacuation

  • Proceed to the Community Beach area. There will be a designated meeting place.
  • Boats will be provided by Vernon Emergency Services.Do Not bring your own boat. It will be congested and the boat launch will most likely be unavailable. Take only what you can carry.

Communication Procedures

In case of fire, Bill Crum is the designated Street Warden for our community.

Bill Crum:  Strata Lot #30

Home Phone#: 250 542 1899

Bill is a Fire Smart Champion . He has completed training and courses in Fire Smart.

(Back up contact is Lew Rossner 250 542 7658)

Emergency neighbourhood response team:

Regan Borisenko, Bill Crum, Wilf Mullder, Brian Shale, Mike Lindsay

LECA team:

Jim Dubois, Al Rozek, Travis Szepesi, Mike Arding

In the event of a wild fire, your street warden(s) will contact you to ensure your home is vacated.

In the event of a wild fire, your street warden(s) will contact you to ensure your home is vacated.

For further information please contact your Street Warden. For more details on evacuation preparedness, refer to: http://www.vernon.ca/news/docs/VFRS_Emergencies.pdf

If you see fire, dial 911 immediately