Fish & Wildlife Phone #s: 250-503-7151 or 250-545-8881 or 250-260-3038

Fire Safety 2012 Booklet (Click Here)

KAS 1371 Emergency Evacuation Plan

Evacuation Alert

In case of an emergency alert, prepare to potentially leave the area.  Make sure you have the following items ready to take with you:

  • A grab-and-go bag
  • Make provisions for your pets
  • Listen to the local news stations
  • Be ready to leave at a moment’s notice

 Personal Preparedness

  • Firesmart your home by eliminating combustible material on property
  • Keep trees pruned, remove dead trees and pine needles from property and soffits and DO NOT use wood chips in landscaping as they are highly flammable and easily airborne
  • Pre-assemble a grab-and-go bag that includes: medications, fire insurance policy, passports and other key documents, one small overnight bad per family with personal items to accommodate a 2-day evacuation
  • Have a cell phone for an out-of-area home contact for your family in case phone lines are down

Evacuation Order

This will be an Order to leave the area either by land or water.

  • Ensure all your doors and windows are closed
  • Tie the pink flagging tape provided to you to your front door to indicate your home has been evacuated (keep this tape in your grab-and-go bag for easy access)
  • Ensure your water is turned off to allow maximum water levels in reservoir

Road Evacuation

  • Proceed to the neighborhood meeting place at the Entry Gate to KAS 1371 (Phoenix Estates)
  • Few cars as possible, transportation to be coordinated through your Street Warden(s)
  • The Fire Department will provide further instructions to leave the area

Water Evacuation

  • Proceed to neighborhood meeting place at the community BEACH AREA
  • DO NOT take your boats, to avoid congestion and possible injuries.  It is unlikely the boat launch will be accessible.
  • Boats will be provided by the Vernon Emergency Services

Communication Procedures

  • In case of a emergency, Ron Haunts is the designated Street Warden for our community.  His phone # is 250-260-3832.
  • Back-up contact is the Rossners (Lew & Midge) and their phone # is 250-542-7658.
  • Your warden(s) will contact you if fire arises to ensure your home is vacated.

 For further information please contact your Street Warden.  For more details on evacuation preparedness, etc. refer to http://www.vernon.ca/news/docs/VFRS_Emergencies.pdf